The primary mission of the (The Manila Times College of Subic Library) is to support the teaching, learning, research and extension service of the community.


All library patrons are required to register at the library information desk or online to acquire a library number, the library number is necessary for the use of library services and for library attendance.

1. Students of TMTCS

2. Faculty & Staff

3. Alumni

4. Other researchers



The general objective is to provide adequate, timely and relevant information resources and innovative services that support the full spectrum of learning, teaching and research needs of the college community.

Towards the fulfillment of such an objective, the Library accepts responsibility for the following:

  1. The selection, acquisition, development, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources to support all academic and other concerns of the college/institution.

  2. The provision of timely access to needed materials and information to meet the needs of the library patrons.

  3. The provision of instructional assistance and promotion in the use of library resources and services by providing a user-friendly and total care environment conductive to patron needs.

  4. The provision and arrangement of physical facilities, equipment, and use of appropriate technology conductive to work, research, study and learning.

  5. The establishment of appropriate linkages with other libraries and research institutions to enhance scholarly information resources and promote resource sharing.

  6. The development and encouragement of qualified and service-oriented Library staff crucial to the provision of high quality services.