All library users are expected to respect the right of others to study in a quiet atmosphere. It is the staff’s responsibility to enforce the rule of silence and as such is authorized to confiscate identification card of students who engage in discussions and in loud and extended conversations in the library.

Proper conduct is expected of everyone all at times. Anyone causing a disturbance will be asked to leave the library.


Class projects that require the use of cartolina, manila paper, scissors, glue, coloring materials and any related equipment should not be done in the library.


Cellphones, Laptop and other gadgets that will cause noise must be turned silence upon entering the library, any users who will use their gadgets audio must use earphones in minimal volume.


Deliberately concealing or misfiling library materials in the library for the exclusive use of an individual or group is prohibited.


Seats may not be reserved.


Eating, smoking, drinking, littering and loitering are strictly prohibited.


Readers services shall cease 30 minutes before the indicated closing time in order to enable the staff members to put the library in order for the next day’s use/work.


Violations of the Rules of Conduct shall be reported to the Students Affairs Office for disposition and recording.

The purpose of the Circulation Policy is to state the rules and guidelines regarding the use and borrowing of materials from the TMTCS Library.

Circulation guidelines and load periods are intended to help make materials and services available, as many Library users as possible.

The library client must present a valid TMTCS ID and updated Library number upon borrowing.

All library materials to be borrowed should be charged out at the circulation counter. For online book lending, transaction can be done through Library online platform (see Guidelines in Book Lending - Online).


Borrowing by proxy and authorization letter is not allowed. Each borrower is held responsible for all the books drawn on his name.

Borrowed library materials are subject to recall upon expiration of the loan period or at any time if needed for class use.


​1. Any patron who intends to borrow a book should go to the Card Catalog/ OPAC to check and write down its call number.


2. Proceed to the shelf where the book is located.


3. Bring the book to the circulation desk for check out


4. The patron ID must be present when borrowing any library material.

Note: Borrowing/Circulation procedures for Book Lending - Online (see XIII. Guidelines in Book Lending – Online.)